british rail half price train tickets

The UK government has announced the sale of half-price train tickets to help those affected by the crisis.

The UK government has said it will halve the price of more than one million train tickets in April and May.

When did the sale of Great British Rail tickets start? Rail ticket sales begin (Tuesday 19 April).

The UK government has made a decision in many boroughs. Hopefully everyone can buy train tickets at half price and enjoy the journey

British Rail Half Price Train Tickets York to Leeds: was £ 5.60, now 2.80 London to Edinburgh: was £ 44, now £ 22 London to Cardiff: was £ 47, now £ 25 Wolverhampton vs Liverpool: Was £ 10.50, now £ 5.25

Manchester to Newcastle: Was 20.60, now 10.30 Birmingham New Street to Bristol Temple Mids: Was £ 25.30, Now £ 12.60 The fare from Portsmouth Harbor to Pennsylvania was £ 45.70, now £ 22.00

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