John Fetterman plan to win Pennsylvania

John Fitterman is the 6-foot-8 Lieutenant Governor who won an overwhelming victory for the Democratic Senate nomination on Tuesday.

Hospitalized for stroke and surgery, he is expected to take over this fall.

Fatherman does not yet know which Republican candidate he will face in the November 8 election.

Republican agents ask about the difference. They are preparing him to become a very leftist in states like Pennsylvania.

Former Republican Republican nominee Sean Parnell, who dropped out in November and supported by Trump for the Pennsylvania senator position who backed McCormick, said Sean Parnell.

"But that caught our attention. But I think the Foundation respects him for saying that.

I think he can do it, but I think it's going to be a problem." He said.

At the pre-election party, Gisele Feterman explained her husband's plans to run for the general election.

On Tuesday evening, John Fetherman said in his statement that his team "have a tough fight ahead, but Pennsylvania is worth the fight."

"Just as we won tonight, we will fight and win in November for all constituencies and all votes," he said.

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