The Young and the Restless Jack Forgives Diane

At the moment, Y&R 'Diane seems to be the only person who is unlikely to be invited to the Abbott family breakfast by Victor.

Jack is devastated by her boyfriend, and Kyle's injuries are evident as a result of his reunion with his mother.

For Diane though things will soon go from bad to worse

Author Josh Griffith told Soap Opera Digest that Kyle "would start trying to find him and maybe bring him back to life."

It will be a difficult road for her and it will be very difficult because summer will have to deal with the fact that Phyllis just wants to bury this woman. "

While the chances of Phyllis melting away from Diane exist when Victor shaves his beard or Sharon has a bad day of hair, Kyle's tenderness to Mommie Dearest may have had an unimaginable impact on his father.

As Jack sees Kyle, he gradually forgives Diane, ”says Griffith,“ does that open the way for Jack to forgive her too?

As spouses spend a lot of time together, unknowingly, they may flirt again with the idea of ​​being reunited,

We can only imagine that any loose jack would cut and send Diane to the roof. Then - as if we had never seen any signs before - the cold war of women would turn red.