'SNL' says goodbye to Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon

The "Saturday Night Live" season has come to an end with the farewell of two of his favorite cast members.

On Saturday night's episode, NBC bids farewell to Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson in a subtle, yet emotional way.

The show first bids farewell to McKinnon by opening the show with an entertainment of "Close Encounter".

After McKinnon's Miss Raffer explains what happened to her during her alien abduction (clear and detailed, no less),

Two government agents, played by Eddie Bryant and Mikey Day, explained that he now had to go with the aliens who had taken him.

This led to a very traumatic moment for McKinnon who stood in the temporary spaceship and said goodbye to his character and himself.

"Well, Earth, I love you, thank you for letting me stay for a while," McKinnon's character said, putting his hand on his heart and looking at the audience.

He then uttered the show's signature catch phrase, "Live ... from New York. It's Saturday night!" This was followed by thunderous applause for McKinnon.

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