The Young and the Restless Lack of Respect for Rey’s Death Angers Fans

Hero Ray Rosales may not be on Y&R, but he has not forgotten. Although viewers mourn with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), they also feel angry.

It's been three weeks since the Y&R rank was killed. Detective died in a car crash. With the exception of Ray,

Victoria and Ashland were involved in gangs and wreckage but survived due to minor injuries.

Although it appears suspicious of Ray's death, an autopsy report revealed that he had a heart attack while driving. Since then, writers have misused the events following Ray's death.

Although fans had mixed feelings about the detective, they felt that Ray's death should be treated with respect.

Is the character removed from the history of 'Little and Restless'?

Ray's death is a tragedy for fans of The Young and The Restless. His death and the elusive character of the monument humiliates him and his followers.

He officially ends Ray's funeral and everyone leaves his business as if nothing had happened.

Sharon is busy helping Maria Copeland and Tessa Porter in their marriage. While Sharon tries to stay busy, she is still crying about her husband.

Sharon's grief does not end immediately, and in the months to come, she will suffer as a widow. Eventually, she will be given to her ex-husband, Nick Newman.

As soon as Sharon reunites with Nick it will be as if Ray was gone. There is something that the writers seem to want the fans to think about.