The Young and the Restless Spoilers May 23 – 27

May 23 Y&R Week We do n’t want to be Ashland’s shoes right now. And do not stop to take advantage of that weakness and drive Victoria's last woman out of their family. 

When the summer and the Chelsea talk shop, a new plan will be darned together-the unfortunate shaft of mischance will help bring spring back to its way

CEO of Newman Enterprises  no problem defending himself. He may indeed mention our print gallery which tells the story of his victorious life. 

May 24 Y&R Week Amanda has learned the annoying news. Has he gone too far in pursuit of drama? Is there a health extremity on the horizon for Devon's womanish love?

Adam and Sally really suppose that the only way to get their bases up is to let someone differently down, right? 

 May 25 Y&R Week Plates and flowcharts will be needed. When Jack and Phyllis break up, will they eventually come to the conclusion that we did long agone? 

Diane. He pushes Niki down, maybe forgetting how easy it was for everyone in Genoa to believe that Victor's woman had killed him at formerly.

 May 26 Y&R Week Victor on a real gash this week! Just a day after he tells Ashland where he can push his Maya Coolpas, he gives Diane a warning. 

Really deduced from his" bold move", Billy lands in hot water with Lily. Did the enthusiastic podcaster go out on a branch and start naming? 

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