Young and restless: Summer unhappy introduces Kyle Diane to Harrison

Victor Discovers Ashland’s Achilles Heel — and Diane’s Meeting With Harrison Leaves Summer Off-Kilter

Diane grabs his hand and prepares to retreat quickly, but Harrison runs up.

Summer asks him to come with her but Kyle looks at his mother and says, "Summer, wait."

When he says he should come to California sometime, Summer snaps, "Kyle, we should go."

He took the boy and said to Diane Kyle, "Thank you." He nodded and followed his family.

At Crimson Lights, Esther says the man who she matched with on the dating app is named Dwight. Chloe thinks he’s handsome… if that’s really him.

Esther reads that he wants to meet in person and is available right now. She digs out her lipstick and starts applying it, but Chloe grabs her arm.

“You cannot meet this guy! He’s a walking red flag!’ Esther clucks that it’s just walk in the park, but Chloe thinks he was a little too eager.

She counsels getting to know him online first, but Esther points out Katherine’s memoir was Live Until You Die, not Text Until You Die.

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